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Writing for Content Mills: Is it Worth Your Time?

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Have you ever wondered if freelance writing is for you? Does the thought of writing for a living make you want to quit your 9-5 job? As a freelance writer, there are many ways to find jobs, such as bidding sites, cold emailing, job boards, LinkedIn, and writing for content mills.

Although there are different ways to find freelance writing jobs, not all of those ways will help you find good clients. Content mills are a popular way to make money online as a freelance writer. When it comes to content mills, sometimes, it can be a controversial topic.

Some freelance writers make it seem like writing for content mills is like selling your soul to the devil. On the other hand, some freelance writers think writing for a content mill is a good start as a freelance writer. You may have even searched for the best content mills on Google, and you realized that content mill jobs are not hard to find.

As someone who has written for content mills as an innocent freelance writer just starting out, I have learned the ins and outs of content mills.

Is writing for content mills worth your time? It depends on what works best for you, but here is a review on content mills to help you make a decision:

What is a Content Mill?

If you have never heard of content mills you maybe wondering what is a content mill? My definition of a content mill is when a client is looking for a writer that writes decent quality articles for a cheap price. They don’t want to spend the big bucks and pay the writer what they are worth.

They are just looking for some content for their blog or website. They usually don’t know what SEO is and how to drive traffic to their site.

How Does Content Mills Work?

Content mill jobs are easy to get, and the process is simple. All you have to do is take a grammar test and write a writing sample. You don’t need to have a huge portfolio. They want to see if you can write. Once you’re accepted, you can start to write articles. Most content mills will start you out on levels such as beginner, general writer, and expert. The more you write and get good reviews, the quicker you move on to higher-paying projects.

You most likely will get paid by PayPal, and you have a certain deadline to complete the articles.

What Do You Write?

When you are writing for content mills, you will be given various topics to write about, such as health, marketing, parenting, affiliate articles, and product reviews. If you can do basic research, you can write about any topic on a content mill site. Some content mill sites expect you to know SEO because clients are looking to rank higher on search engines.

You can also rewrite existing articles for clients without plagiarizing, of course. Some content mills will run your article through plagiarism software such as Copyscape.

The Pros of Content Mills

Although content mill jobs are low-paying, there are some benefits to writing for content mills. Some benefits are it is easy to apply, you make money quickly, the assignments are easy, and you most likely get paid weekly.

You also get to pick your writing assignments and get experience working with clients. Writing for content mills is a good way to supplement your income between clients or make some extra cash.

The Cons of Content Mills

There are many downsides to writing for content mills, such as low pay, demanding clients, the possibility of getting your account suspended, and writing low-quality articles. Clients can have you rewrite articles until they are satisfied. Some clients will pay lower than the price for how many words they need.

You also learn how to write basic articles. Writing for a well-known blog is different than writing keyword-stuffed articles on a content mill. Freelancers that write for content mills but clients do not appreciate your work. You are worth way more than content mill prices.

My Experience with Content Mills

I became a freelance writer 5 years ago. I started writing for a content mill called Hire Writers. I did not know that companies would pay you a lot of money to write articles at the time. On average, I was getting paid $3.75 per article. Eventually, I moved up to an expert writer, and I got paid up to $20 per article.

I wrote for Hire Writers for about a year until I found a wonderful blog that changed my writing career called Make a Living Writing. On this website, you can find the best freelance writing advice.

Moving on from content mills was hard because I liked the convenience of not having to pitch clients, but I learned that there was another way.

An Alternative to Writing for Content Mills

Although content mills are low-paying, I still liked the concept of a company finding clients for you. That is why I write for content marketing agencies. Some agencies will pay you to write for their clients. On average, you can get paid $0.10 per word or above. Check out this list of content marketing agencies that hire writers.

Writing for content mills will always be a controversial topic. Now that you know some information about content mills, you can decide if you want to give them a shot. I recommend using content marketing agencies or cold emailing to find clients. Remember that your freelance writing career is in your hands, but never forget how much your writing skills are worth.

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