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Find Content Writing Jobs with These 8 Agencies

Find content writing jobs

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Being a freelance writer is a rewarding experience. You get to work on your own terms and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle. Although being a freelance writer is one of the best businesses you can have, sometimes it can be hard to find freelance writing jobs. Sure, you can send out pitches or apply to job boards, but there are easier ways to find freelance content writing jobs without any competition.

One of those ways is by using content writing or digital marketing agencies to find content writing jobs. If you’re looking for steady work or part-time content writing jobs, these agencies listed below will provide you with clients.

1. Content Bacon

Content Bacon is an agency that does a lot of content writing jobs and also copywriting projects. Some of the things you may be writing are blogs, articles, website content, landing pages, and other writing assignments. When it comes to having experience, you need to create writing samples in a word document. You don’t need to have a portfolio online.

2. is a content writing community platform where freelance writers can pitch ideas to marketing directors, brands, and businesses. You can also apply for writing assignments that clients post on the platform.

You can set the price for how much you want to charge for the pitch. The highest I have gotten paid was $150 for a $ 1,000-word article. is perfect for freelance writers looking for technology or B2B content writing jobs. Check out their website for writing opportunities.

3. The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder, also known as Growth Machine, is a content writing agency that regularly hires writers. They look for writers in different niches such as dieting, health, wellness, meditation, and other topics. You will receive steady work and will not get paid $50 per blog. They believe in charging a competitive price for articles. All you have to do is fill out an application.

4. LaFleur Marketing

LaFleur Marketing is a digital marketing agency that writes content for legal, business, and healthcare companies. You can work part-time, full-time, or on a freelance schedule. They have competitive pay, so you won’t have to worry about getting paid content mill prices. LaFleur Marketing has a simple application to fill out.

5. is a content marketing agency that pays up to $0.14 per word for articles and blogs. You get to choose your assignments and have a steady stream of work. Payments will be made by PayPal. The application process requires a grammar and timed writing test. They have a strict hiring process, so it is good to do your best writing.

6. Quietly Media

Quietly Media is an agency that helps brands and publishers with their content by using keywords and looking into their analytics. They hire freelance writers regularly, and it is easy to apply. Pay starts at $0.10 per word and up. You get to choose how much you want to charge. The application is simple to fill out, and you have to write writing samples for every niche you’re going to write in.

7. Content.Marketing

Content.Marketing is a content marketing agency that hires freelance writers to write content for their clients. They hire writers to write about a variety of topics such as food, animals, and health. The work is flexible, and they match you with clients based on your content level and quality. Payments are made every week.

8. Content Harmony

Content Harmony is a service and software company that works with eCommerce businesses and firms. They hire freelance writers for on-site and off-site work. Content Harmony looks for content marketers that have a well-established portfolio and high-quality writing. You can apply by sending them an email with your portfolio and rate card.

Places to Sell Articles Online

Another way to find freelance content writing jobs is to sell your articles online. There are websites that you can use to sell your sample articles or create an article to sell. Here are some websites where you can make extra cash selling articles:

Content Constant Content

Constant Content is a website that you can use to sell your articles and do some assignments. You can post as many articles as you want, but they have quality standards that you have to meet in order for your article to be placed in the marketplace. Clients also post writing jobs, and sometimes there is steady work. If you want to sell articles and make some cash, constant content will supply you with freelance writing jobs.

Content Gather

Content Gather is a website that you can use to sell articles on a variety of topics. Clients can buy ready made content or post article writing jobs. You can write as many articles as you want and there are always daily sales. They don’t have a lot of rules when it comes to formatting your articles but they do have a writer’s guide. Payments are made by PayPal and you can price your articles between $0.02 and $0.18. Sign up here to sell some articles.

Digital Point

Digital Point is one of my favorite places to sell articles. You don’t have to have an editor check and approve your article. There are many categories such as business, lifestyle, and gaming articles. In my experience, business articles sell faster. You can set any price for your articles, but digital point does take a fee. When someone buys your article, you immediately get the payment in your PayPal account.

Find More Content Writing jobs

If you like the idea of writing for agencies, you can always pitch local agencies or agencies that are in your niche. You can Google content marketing agencies + your area. Make sure you send a pitch that highlights your expertise. If you find an agency, you can contact the content marketing director on LinkedIn. They may not have work for you immediately, but you can be on their radar.

Finding freelance content writing jobs is not hard. These agencies will give you a variety of jobs to choose from. When you use these agencies and sell articles online, you can increase your freelance writing income each month.

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